Peanut at 21 years of age is the world’s oldest chicken thanks to human love and caregiving and good genes

"Peanut" is the world's oldest living chicken and a celebrity

NEWS AND COMMENT: Peanut, the chicken, is in the news today because she is the extraordinary age of 21 which is more than twice the usual age of a chicken with an average of around 7-10. She holds a Guinness World Record of the oldest …

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Chasing a woman? You might be able to learn from blue tits!

Eurasian Blue tit

A study published in the journal Nature Communications authored by Javier Sierro discovered that the successful male blue tit chasing a female sex was persistent in repeating their call and also able to switch to a different tune and then repeat it consistently, too. There …

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Two female flatmates terrorised by two seagulls pecking at their window. Why?

Seagulls defend their young from a couple of innocent women living in a flat nearby

NEWS AND COMMENT – NECASTLE, UK: A couple of female flatmates, Georgina Gray and Helen McKeever, have been pestered by a couple of seagulls for a long time. They peck at the window daily and it starts at 6:30 AM. Gray said that they don’t …

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Pigeons are great. Don’t treat them as pests and vermin

Bingi the pigeon

A lot of people, perhaps most people, treat pigeons as pest and vermin. They don’t like the fact that they defecate. They don’t like the fact that there are lots of them. They don’t like the fact that they are successful. Humans don’t like other …

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World’s tallest flying bird adopts the Indian villager who saved him

Arif and Sarus

An Indian villager, Arif Gurjar, living in Mandka, Uttar Pradesh, has been adopted by the world’s tallest flying bird, a sarus crane, who he rescued when he was injured about 12 months ago. They had been inseparable since. Interspecies friendships are great. They are good …

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