Seagull flies as passenger standing up on the back of another seagull

Seagull flies first class
Seagull flies first class. Screenshot.

Amazing is what comes to mind. Never seen anything remotely like it. What is going on? Common sense would suggest that the passenger seagull is either (a) lazy (b) ill (c) both of these (d) taking the piss (e) showing off to other seagulls (f) entertaining himself (g) is related to the one who’s doing the flying.


A seagull rides another seagull. What is happening nature? ???? ???? TW buitengebieden #fy #fyp #foryou #seagull #nature #birds

♬ original sound – Get Lost

I can’t guarantee that the video will exist longer than this website. In fact, I would doubt it. It is highly unusual.

Another unusual seagull image

Equally unusual is the sight of a 50-year-old man crossing the road on a zebra crossing with a seagull following on a dog leash!!

Seagull on leash
Seagull on leash in Blackpool, UK.

The bird was taken by the RSPCA and euthanised as I understand it. Why? We’ve not been told. The man must be as mad as a mad hatter. And was this a crime being an act of animal cruelty? He was arrested and released shortly afterwards. He was not charged. No crime I guess.

Seagulls have an aversion to the human gaze

Man punched a seagull to death because it stole one of his chips. Acceptable?

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