Pigeons are great. Don’t treat them as pests and vermin

A lot of people, perhaps most people, treat pigeons as pest and vermin. They don’t like the fact that they defecate. They don’t like the fact that there are lots of them. They don’t like the fact that they are successful. Humans don’t like other animals to be as successful as them. And on the topic of defecation, humans create far more mess on the planet with their defecation then pigeons ever do.

Bingi the pigeon
Bingi the pigeon. Image: Instagram.

It is hypocritical of people to criticise pigeons for defecating. Think of the sewage problems in the UK at the moment with water companies discharging billions of gallons of sewage into the rivers. That’s the kind of problems humans create with their defecation. The word ‘great’ in the title is a reference to their abilities. Pigeon fanciers recognise them.

People like Steve Allen, the former LBC presenter don’t. But he’s ignorant and cruel (and fat). He drives over pigeons in his Bentley because he wants to kill them all. I can remember walking in a London suburb years ago and seeing a bloodied and dying pigeon on the pavement. Someone had stamped on it. An act of mindless cruelty. A reflection of the typical relationship between humans and pigeons except for pigeon fanciers.

There’s a better guy in Switzerland who was given a pigeon by his father. The pigeon, when young, ended up in his father’s garage and one thing led to another and the son was given the pigeon and they bonded. He learned to appreciate how beautiful pigeons can be. He learned about their sentience and their sensibilities. Their intelligence. He’s a good guy and the pigeon is behaving himself. Although there is one issue which is not covered in the video: the pigeon’s defecation habits!

One day the videos above and below will disappear or they won’t work anymore. I can’t control them. They come from the man’s Instagram page which you can see by clicking on this link if you wish.


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Pigeons have great homing skills as we know. We are unsure how they manage. It is believed that they use the Earth’s magnetic field and prominent features on the ground.

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