Is China trying to produce animal serial killers?!

This short video is on Twitter where there is a lot freedom thanks to Elon Musk to publish videos that would be barred on sites such as mine because my hosting company don’t allow it. People don’t realise how heavily I am censored by a range of businesses. I won’t say more.

I can show a screenshot of the video here and link to the video on Twitter (see link below). I can’t watch it. It shows Chinese kids beating a dog I believe. Utter cruelty. Blame the parents. No recognition of animal sentience or the concept of causing pain and distress. It is simply not on the radar. The parents are teaching their kids that it is fine to kill animals in a brutal way. As the headline states they are teaching kids to be animal serial killers. Some will do the same against humans.

Young serial killers of China
Young serial killers of China. Screenshot.

Even if China introduced excellent animal welfare laws and enforced them immediately, it would take a couple of generations before the real benefits would filter through because these kids have been indoctrinated into the idea that it is oaky to engage in obscene animal cruelty. They won’t unlearn that.

There is a woman who frequently tweets videos and images of animal cruelty in Asia. Her name is Phaedra. Be warned it is unpleasant. Don’t see it unless you are sure you’ll be okay. These sorts of videos and images can stick in the mind for ever.

Click for the video. Although it may be removed at some stage. If it has, I am sorry.

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