Are sounds that animals use to communicate with each other considered to be “words”?

Dr Arik Kershenbaum

The answer to the question in the title is currently believed to be no, but please read on. There is one highly qualified scientist and author who is able to answer the question in the title with precision. His name is Dr Arik Kershenbaum. He …

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Wolves howl, dogs howl less and some dog breeds hardly howl at all

Howling is hard-wired into ancient dog breeds but much less so in modern breeds

The dog population is made up of purebred and random bred dogs and hybrids. I don’t know the exact breakdown as it is unclear but there are far more purebred dogs than there are purebred cats as a percentage of the whole. And research indicates …

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Dolphins shout to be heard over human-created ocean background noise

Dolphins have to shout to be heard over human-made ocean noise.

Dolphins have to shout at each other when trying to communicate as underwater noise has increased substantially because of increased human activity over the past decades. Sound travels well underwater which exacerbates the problem. In preindustrial times the oceans were much quieter than they are …

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Tone of the human voice affects emotional state of domestic animals including horses

Talking to your horse in melodious tones is the right way

Domestic animal caregivers should talk to their animal companions politely in melodious and pleasant tones as they know when you’re angry and when you are expressing that anger in your voice. As a result, they become upset according to a study of horses and pigs. …

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