Highway robbery in Thailand as elephants stop trucks carrying sugar cane for a bite

This elephant waits by the side of the road where there is a sign saying “CAUTION ELEPHANT CROSSING”. I guess they realise that they have a right of way at this point. He/she is waiting for a truck carrying sugar cane, a favorite food. When one approaches, they recognise it perhaps visually and by the smell. They walk out into the middle of the road to stop it. The driver duly stops. The elephant walks around to the side of the truck and grabs a mouthful of sugar cane with its prehensile trunk. Job done. Highway robbery elephant style. I love it. A little bit of payback for human abuses of elephants and a narrowing of differences in rights.

And here is another from a better angle:

Elephants are smart and they have good memories. It’s been proven through the sniff test!

Do elephants have long memories? Yes, the ‘sniff test’ proves it.

I sense that elephants have a difficult relationship with humans and are often very annoyed by human behavior and human exploitation of them.

Enraged elephant charges jeep. Driver rapidly reverses.

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