Cultural sensitivities allow Vietnamese dog meat traders to barbarically kill dogs

Twitter understands me! Whenever I go to Twitter, they offer up to me images that incense me. They drive me to blog about them. To rage inside. To cry inside. To feel powerless. To feel impotent. I can’t stop this Vietnamese dog cruelty. Just writing that sentence risks a backlash from a Vietnamese person who’ll say that I am failing to respect their culture. And I am risking being criticised and even punished by Google for posting this sort of article. That’s because someone might complain to Google. And Google tends to be imprisoned by cultural sensitivities to the point where any criticisms of the cultures of other countries is stamped on by them.

Dog in cage in Vietnam waiting to be brutally slaughtered for their flesh to feed humans
Dog in cage in Vietnam waiting to be brutally slaughtered for their flesh to feed humans. Image: Twitter.


Humankind is entrapped by an anxiety not to upset others whose cultural differences look barbaric. But we have to step forward with courage and cut through that fear of reprisal.

International sanctions

The world should not let the cat and dog meat markets continue to exist. There should be international pressure applied to Vietnam and China to stop it. These two countries are where cat and dog meat markets are the most prevalent.

Governments apply sanctions on other governments when there are human abuses so why not when there are animal abuses? This is speciesism on a grand scale. I would like to see America apply economic sanctions on Vietnam until the Vietnamese government banned cat and dog meat in their country through proper legislation that was effectively enforced. What about that for starters?

Cuts across cultures

There is good and bad. There is respect for the sentience of animals and disrespect. There is truth and lies. These thing cut through cultures. It is irrelevant where dog cruelty exists. This is about unacceptable human behavior and that is a world problem, not confined to one country.

Twitter captions and comments on the photo on this page

This is what a Vietnamese animal lover may encounter. “I just went to the market to buy eggs! Inside the market the dog slaughtering activity is horrifying! The dog was hit on the head convulsing to death! So I didn’t go inside! Just finished talking, a motorbike carrying.

It has nothing to do with the fact that we love dogs in Europe – but that no animal should suffer this! Shame on all the people who promote this! may you know a special life.

This is absolutely disgusting! We as humans NEED to do better with protecting animals, children, elderly and the disabled! Contact your government officials, I have!!!!

These ppl are horrifically barbaric. And I’ll never see it otherwise for any reason. Ever!

I agree with them all.

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