One reason why I dislike the royals and couldn’t celebrate them in the King’s coronation

This picture of William, the future king, is enough for me to dislike the royal family which in turn is why I didn’t really enjoy the coronation of King Charles III. They are country folk with an unpleasant attitude towards animals. In the picture it is pretty clear to me that William has no concern for the sentience of animals. Birds are flying objects to take pot shots at for fun. And the King likes fox hunting but dislikes the production of foie gras which is odd.

The whole bloody family like killing animals for entertainment. It is not good. It is unpleasant. And protestors were stamped on by the Stasi British police during the coronation. They were arrested for a breach of the peace and all they wanted to do was protest which is their democratic right in the UK. Not anymore it seems. I believe that they have appointed a lawyer to sue the police for compensation. I wish them well. I hate the police too.

Why I don't like or celebrate the royal family in the UK
Why I don’t like or celebrate the royal family in the UK. Image: Twitter

Blood sport loving William and Harry are out of step with their subjects

PETA praises King Charles’s stance on foie gras


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