“She’s my heart. She fits right on it” – man talks about his dog

The words used by this great guy are so intense in describing his relationship with one of his two dogs. He’s talking about his deaf dog who looks after his other dog who is deaf and blind. It’s amazing. He uses sign language to communicate with them. He believes human body language is a more powerful way for humans to communicate with dogs than vocally. Normally it’s a combination of the two and the same applies to cats. In his case body language is everything.

This is a really beautiful story. I find all three players are beautiful in their attitudes and behavior. He is a special guy with a deeply sensitive heart and respect for the sentience of animals. He understands them.

That’s why his dogs connect so deeply and tenderly with his soul. As an ideal, every dog owner should be like him! He’s a role model as far as I am concerned.

It’s the respect for dogs which comes across so strongly. There is a total equality between human and animal; the way it should be. I saw the video on the back of a couple of posts I made about cats in China. What a contrast!

Talking of respect for animals. Yes, there are millions of citizens in China who respect animals but far too many whose attitudes are rooted in a thousand-year-old tradition which colours their 21st century culture to the point where animal cruelty is, it seems to me, everywhere in that developed and advanced country. The CCP should know better than to be attitudinally stuck on the ancient past.

Three great brothers
Three great brothers. Screenshot.
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