Alleged sadistic dog abuser and ‘murderer’ sacked his attorney and perjured himself

Well, this is an interesting video as it shows an alleged dog abuser and killer in a pre-trial court hearing representing himself as he sacked his attorney. This gave him the opportunity to allegedly perjure himself.

Alleged dog killer in pre-trial court hearing denies killing the dog on purpose
Alleged dog killer in pre-trial court hearing denies killing the dog on purpose. Screenshot.

I use the word ‘allegedly’ and ‘alleged’ to protect myself from defamation as the trial is pending. It’ll happen at some time in the future. But, in truth, I don’t need to use the word “allegedly”.

Excuse me Madam, I did not kill the dog on purpose!! – the defendent.

This is because the man’s cruelty and dog murder were all captured on CCTV (a security camera). Everything that happened between him and this dog is on video. And it’s clear on the video that he was not protecting himself against an aggressive dog as he claimed. He simply wanted to abuse and kill the dog after the abuse.

He tied a noose around the dog’s neck and then swung the dog around. He then tied the dog to a post. By the time the owner found him he was either dead or dying. The police were called. They surrounded him and he was arrested and then ended up in court as you see in the video.

What is interesting to me (living in the UK) is that we don’t have cameras in criminal court rooms except recently for the first time and exceptionally to record a judge ordering a prison sentence to a murderer.

So, it is quite enlightening and interesting to see how this alleged criminal behaves. Allegedly he lies through his teeth. He lies and lies and lies (allegedly!). And that is what we would expect from a person of this character.

His trial will decide upon his guilt and bearing in mind that his actions were recorded as mentioned it is certain that he will be found guilty in my opinion and he may receive a prison sentence as a consequence.

All animal advocates would want him to be punished appropriately which for an animal advocate would be a severe punishment namely prison. The prison sentence should be at least 12 months and that should mean 12 months and not be halved on parole or reduced on good behaviour. That’s also my opinion.

I respect the opinions of others obviously.

Now for the opposite:

“She’s my heart. She fits right on it” – man talks about his dog

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