Obese riders are hurting horses!

Obese riders are hurting horses

It seems that the human obesity epidemic is hurting horses as well as the obese people themselves. Yes, obesity causes a lot of problems including burdening the NHS in the UK with a ton of associated health issues costing billions in pounds. The Times reports …

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Time for horse racing to be banned like any other abusive animal exploitation

Horse dies on race track

The sound track to this Twitter video is inappropriate which gives it a sick quality. Perhaps that is why it was added. To juxtapose the horror visuals and the music. Personally, I’d ban horse racing full-stop. Of course, it won’t happen as there are too …

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Less herd-dependent individual animals are more intelligent and innovative

I'm smarter than them

For me, this is a scientific study which has resulted in a common-sense conclusion but it deserves to be stated. Scientists at the universities of Barcelona and Leipzig and the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Germany came to the conclusion that the more …

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2 reasons why the horse was and is so popular

Reason why horse is so popular

The reasons why the horse has been and continues to be so popular is firstly because of their temperament which is based upon their sociability. In the wild they have a naturally sociable lifestyle. They cooperate with each other. This cooperation between horses in the …

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What does a horse signal with its tail (video infographic)?

Horse signals excitement with its tail held high

The infographic covers the basics and a little more on horse tail movement signalling. There is some additional information below it. Firstly, I am thankful to Desmond Morris PhD who is an author and zoologist. Excitement and alertness In general, the tail rises upwards in …

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Wind turbine noise threatens Galicia’s ancestral wild horses

Galicia's wind turbines are said to harm the welfare of the wild horses

The Times reports that local people in Galicia in north-west Spain believe that the noise of wind turbines is jeopardising the survival of their ancestral wild horses. In this beautiful, wild and open yet windy landscape, a wild horse herd belongs to a village, Sabucedo. …

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Stereotypical behaviours by horses in stables is obviously due to boredom causing stress (video)

Stereotypical horse behaviors in stables due to stress

It seems extraordinary to me that at one point in time perhaps not that long ago so-called experts in horse behaviour did not have the common sense to understand that when a horse behaves in a stereotypical way as seen in the video that they …

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Are King’s Guard ceremonial horses trained to bite interfering tourists?

Horse guard bites tourist. Are they trained to do this?

I have seen quite a few videos of King’s Guard ceremonial horses, such as the horse carrying a Blues and Royals soldier, and another on Horse Guards Parade, Whitehall, London, gently biting tourists while they capture their precious selfies in front of the horse and …

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