Tying up your dog outside the supermarket is illegal in Spain (€10,000 fine!)

A crime in Spain to leave your dog tied up outside the supermarket

The Times reports a rather surprising animal welfare law which apparently has just come into force in Spain which makes tying up your dog outside the supermarket while you pop in a crime. And it’s punishable by a hefty fine of a maximum €10,000 ($10,500). …

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Barbaric tradition of setting a bull’s horns alight leaves one man seriously injured

This is a Spanish tradition. As I have said many times before ‘cultural traditions’ in any country should be dumped or banned if they constitute animal cruelty by any decent measure and/or if they are dangerous for the participants. Often cultural traditions go back hundreds …

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Spain allows people to have sex with animals provided it doesn’t cause injury

Spain has decriminalised bestiality. Yes or No? Yes!

I’ve not quite got to the bottom of the reasons behind this but the Spanish government has, it seems, quite recently decriminalised bestiality (sex with animals). You might say that they partially decriminalised it but I really think that you either allow it or you …

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Wind turbine noise threatens Galicia’s ancestral wild horses

Galicia's wind turbines are said to harm the welfare of the wild horses

The Times reports that local people in Galicia in north-west Spain believe that the noise of wind turbines is jeopardising the survival of their ancestral wild horses. In this beautiful, wild and open yet windy landscape, a wild horse herd belongs to a village, Sabucedo. …

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Horse collapses while pulling tourist carriage in Majorca in 40°C heat

Working horse employed to pull a carriage with tourists collapses in 40-degree heat in Mallorca

NEWS AND COMMENT: In the Balearic Island of Majorca, Spain, a working horse pulling a tourist carriage in 40°C heat collapsed causing great consternation among many people and reminding viewers of the Twitter video that it is time to stop this type of commercial enterprise …

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Dogs are omnivores as confirmed by their Bronze Age diet

Bronze Age dogs buried as pets allowing scientists to analyse their bones to discover that they were vegans

A recent study found that when humans transferred from being hunter-gatherers to farming their pet dogs’ diet changed from meat to plant-based foods. When grey wolves first became domesticated and became domestic dogs they would have been eating meat almost exclusively but with the advent …

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