Barbaric tradition of setting a bull’s horns alight leaves one man seriously injured

This is a Spanish tradition. As I have said many times before ‘cultural traditions’ in any country should be dumped or banned if they constitute animal cruelty by any decent measure and/or if they are dangerous for the participants. Often cultural traditions go back hundreds of years and sometimes further to a time when animal welfare was much cruder if it existed at all. A time when there was even more superstition than today.

A bullfighting celebration known as “toro embolado” that consists of placing two fireballs on the horns of the animal
A bullfighting celebration known as “toro embolado” that consists of placing two fireballs on the horns of the animal. It is mad, cruel and dangerous and should be banned. Screenshot.

Superstition in conjunction with animals often leads to animal cruelty. Humans should not bring forward to the present traditions that were acceptable hundreds of years ago but which are obviously unacceptable today. What’s the point? Protecting the culture of a nation even if it is backward, crude and cruel to animals? Sadly, it happens a lot in many countries.

This mad tradition entails setting a bull’s horns alight. Great. Totally idiotic. Strong words but look at the video and agree that the words are well chosen.

What is the point of this ancient tradition? The translation of the Spanish ‘toro embolado’ into English is ‘bull with balls’ which does not explain much, does it?

The horns are set alight and the participants dodge the bull. Wikipedia describes it thus: “The animal is usually tied to a post and then teams of people prevent it from moving while a wooden frame with two spikes with balls of flammable material is attached to its horns. These are then set alight and the rope is cut….There is usually a barricade separating the bull from the spectators.”

Not idea what the purpose it except that macho male fools try and demonstrate their macho mojo to the onlookers which as can see can easily lead to a serious injury as this bull tosses one man around like a ragdoll. He lands heavily and is unconscious. We don’t know how bad his injuries were.

Lesson? Ban the bloody stupid festival as it is idiotic and out of place today. It is an example of blatant animal cruelty. It is also an example of self-inflicted human cruelty.

The festival is probably a violation of Spanish animal welfare laws but an exception is made.

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