Sport hunter illegally kills wolf in Asturias and shows off his kill

This is the description on Twitter/X accompanying the photo below: “A photo of a dead wolf tied to the back of a forest guard’s jeep caused outrage among political and animal rights groups in Spain. An Asturian guard killed the wolf in Allande and left it tied to his jeep while he went to a nearby bar. A spokesperson for the Asturian environmental department said: ‘It is an outrageous image and civil servants should not act like illegal hunters, showing off dead animals like prizes’.”

Allande is a municipality in the Autonomous Community of the Principality of Asturias, Spain. Well, the wolf was shot in Spain (wasn’t it?) and treated with great contempt and human arrogance by an ignorant person.

Disgusting disrespectful crappy attitude by Asturian who shot a wolf illegally as hunting wolves in Asturias which is in Spain is illegal.
Shot wolf tied to back of jeep by hunter who lives in Asturias, Spain. Image: Social media.

I am shocked because my research tells me that wolf hunting is illegal in Spain. But is wolf hunting illegal in Asturias? Yes, since September 2021 wolf hunting has been illegal across the whole of Spain including this autonomous region.

The regions of Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria and Castilla y León, where 95 per cent of the specimens of the Iberian wolf live, have protested the decision. But hunting wolves remains illegal.

Conclusion: the arrogant hunter who shot the wolf committed a crime and he didn’t give a damn. He paraded his crime on the back of his jeep.

The Spanish do like sport hunting. They have a less than pleasant relationship with animals in general I feel.

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