What is the origin of horse-brasses?

Horse-brass protecting the horse against evil forces by reflecting the sun's rays

Today horse-brasses are entirely decorative; adorning heavy horses at horse shows. However, their role is far more than decorative or it used to be. They are protective amulets defending horses against evil spirits. They are a remnant of ancient pagan beliefs. They can almost be …

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Origin of the donkey and breeding by the Romans

Donkey mosaic from Roman times

There is an interesting report in the journal Science concerning a study on the origin of the donkey and how it was selectively bred by the Romans later on. They researched the relationship between geographic regions and donkey genes (phylogeography). Donkeys are social animals. You …

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2 reasons why the horse was and is so popular

Reason why horse is so popular

The reasons why the horse has been and continues to be so popular is firstly because of their temperament which is based upon their sociability. In the wild they have a naturally sociable lifestyle. They cooperate with each other. This cooperation between horses in the …

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Wind turbine noise threatens Galicia’s ancestral wild horses

Galicia's wind turbines are said to harm the welfare of the wild horses

The Times reports that local people in Galicia in north-west Spain believe that the noise of wind turbines is jeopardising the survival of their ancestral wild horses. In this beautiful, wild and open yet windy landscape, a wild horse herd belongs to a village, Sabucedo. …

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