Welsh farmer, Gareth Wyn Jones, received death threats for talking about a farming practice

Gareth Wyn Thomas

The Times reports today that a sheep farmer, Gareth Wyn Jones, received death threats when he posted a video showing how to skin a dead lamb to make a mother adopt an orphaned lamb. This is a traditional method. The video demonstrates how the skin …

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Sheep-defending Pyrenean mountain dogs are attacking people

Pyrenean mountain dog

France reintroduced wolves into their country about 30 years ago after they had been hunted to extinction in the twentieth century. That resulted in shepherds using Pyrenean mountain dogs to protect their flocks. And, sadly, there are reports of Pyrenean mountain dogs attacking people which …

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Less herd-dependent individual animals are more intelligent and innovative

I'm smarter than them

For me, this is a scientific study which has resulted in a common-sense conclusion but it deserves to be stated. Scientists at the universities of Barcelona and Leipzig and the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Germany came to the conclusion that the more …

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Sheep ships carrying up to 111,000 sheep for 3-4 weeks are gross breaches of animal welfare

Penned sheep on a huge sheep ship journeying from Perth Australia to the Middle East

NEWS AND OPINION – PERTH, AUSTRALIA: This is another horror story about how humankind treats animals. Some people don’t care but I, for one, do. Massive livestock transport ships which I believe are owned by two companies: the Kuwaiti-owned Livestock Shipping Services and Rural Export …

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