Pet goat seized by police under court order, barbecued and eaten (the story behind this)

Cedar and the 9-year-old girl EL

There is quite an involved but interesting story behind the headline but essentially, a nine-year-old girl (‘EL’) took her a goat called ‘Cedar’ to the Shasta County District Fair (‘Fair’) under what is called a 4-H program where children raise and then sell their animals …

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Less herd-dependent individual animals are more intelligent and innovative

I'm smarter than them

For me, this is a scientific study which has resulted in a common-sense conclusion but it deserves to be stated. Scientists at the universities of Barcelona and Leipzig and the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Germany came to the conclusion that the more …

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Baby goat petting sessions ‘goat yoga’ are an exploitation of animals

Baby goat cuddling aka goat yoga is animal exploitation

PETA have referred to goat petting as “goat yoga”. When they coined that phrase, they were referring to an Australian petting zoo which provided goat yoga sessions and which was facing 10 animal cruelty charges due to poor husbandry. The PETA report was published on …

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