DON’T watch this video of a piglet crying out for their mum. JUST DON’T.

All the devils are on planet Earth

PETA UK – Crying out for their mum, quivering on a faeces-soaked floor, struggling with all their might to stand up – remember them next time you see bacon. I can’t add many more words. It’s too damaging to my mental health. It’s is pure …

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How can the 10-day dog meat market in Yulin be called a FESTIVAL!?

Yulin cat and dog meat festival

Twitter tweet says: #Yulin 2023, 21st June to 30th June, 10 days where eating dogs becomes a ‘festival’. The dog meat trade occurs every day but during these dates torture and killing is celebrated by this ‘festival’. This tweet opened my eyes on the bizarre …

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What is the origin of horse-brasses?

Horse-brass protecting the horse against evil forces by reflecting the sun's rays

Today horse-brasses are entirely decorative; adorning heavy horses at horse shows. However, their role is far more than decorative or it used to be. They are protective amulets defending horses against evil spirits. They are a remnant of ancient pagan beliefs. They can almost be …

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