How can the 10-day dog meat market in Yulin be called a FESTIVAL!?

Twitter tweet says: #Yulin 2023, 21st June to 30th June, 10 days where eating dogs becomes a ‘festival’. The dog meat trade occurs every day but during these dates torture and killing is celebrated by this ‘festival’. This tweet opened my eyes on the bizarre description from a European standpoint of the special market that takes place in Yulin, China where cats and dogs are confined to tiny, rusty cages before being slaughtered brutally and in an unregulated way for their flesh to be consumed by superstitious humans who believe that it improves their health which is wholly unsupported by science, common sense and decency.

This cat and dog meat market place is not a festival but a hell on earth for the animals. If it is a festival it is one arranged and managed by the devil himself. To Europeans the pictures are almost impossible to view. They are either plain gruesome or heartbreaking. I would warn anyone to not see the pictures of the traders killing dogs for their fur and flesh. They will never leave your mind as they will be seared into your brain for the rest of your life.

Yulin cat and dog meat festival
Yulin cat and dog meat festival. Bizarre to call this hell hole a festival. On nutcases and psychopaths could it that. THE DOGS IN THIS IMAGE HAVE GIVEN UP. THEY ARE PASSIVE AND ACCEPTING. WAITING FOR THE END. TO BE RELEASED FROM THIS HELL. Image in the public domain.

The picture above is a MILD one. I selected it to be acceptable but it still desperately sad and sickening. Many others are just too hard to look at. They show utterly desensitized men killing dogs in the most cruel and brutal way. The dogs are passive and confused. Lost. Given up. Waiting for death to come. To be released from the hell that humans have created for them.

Brilliant, compassionate Ai Weiwei loves cats and finds them more interesting than humans

These human behaviors are the nadir of human brutality and cruelty towards animals. In Yulin and other regions in the south of China where cat and dog meat is eaten, the uneducated and desensitized monsters called humans have created a special hell for companion animals. These are sentient beings with whom humans have an unwritten agreement which is that we will look after them, provide security and food and in return they keep us company and give us their love and loyalty.

This ancient agreement which for dogs probably goes back 20,000 years or more has been torn up in Yulin and in its place is an order from the devil for the participants to be as depraved as want, which believe you me, is as depraved as it gets on planet Earth.

Cultural sensitivities allow Vietnamese dog meat traders to barbarically kill dogs

Attractive, smiling Chinese woman eats crunchy grilled dog’s head

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