Goat charges in and saves chicken from attacking hawk

A brilliant example of the sentience of animals and how they form interspecies friendships. Humans should be cognisant of this aspect of the animal world. It is very beautiful. The goat did a great job. When I see this, I think of the abuse meted out to goats across the planet. They do tend to get abused and of course they are loved sometimes too; but too much abuse. Mr Goat did something really nice, perhaps altruistic. In fact, it probably has to be altruistic; in other words, the goat is doing something for the benefit of another without concern for self-interest. What about that? It seems to compete nicely with people. It is certainly better behaviour than the behaviour of many people. Another chicken also dives into the fray to protect his mate. This group of animals in a pen have made friends.

Goat protects chicken
Goat protects chicken. Screenshot.


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