Woman breastfeeds a couple of kid goats

As I recently wrote a post about a woman breastfeeding a cat on an aeroplane, I inadvertently bumped into this video so I thought I might discuss it as well. I am not obsessed with breastfeeding! It is just the way stories evolve when you are doing research on the Internet. This is a sad story. It comes from Uganda. This is clearly a poor family who live in the Kitgum district. The mother had a child to breastfeed. They owned a goat who had two offspring. The mother goat died during birth and the woman, in order to keep the young goats alive, felt that she had to breastfeed them as they did not have the money to feed them any other way.

So this is a story of desperation. Of course the comments to the video are interesting if not a little bit shocking because one woman said: “Part of me as a woman goes PAIN!”

She said that she would not take her child off her breast to feed anything else. However, she admits that the future of this family depends upon the “kids” (the young goats) surviving and therefore the mother is obliged to do all she can to keep them alive.

The video is not an act of depravity or eroticism but a pure act of survival. In the West some people might see this as somewhat erotic but it is far from it. In the West we are distanced from the harsh reality of stark survival that plays out in some areas of some developing countries.

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