Greta Thunberg backs wind turbine protestors on human rights issues

Fosen windfarm is a breach of human rights

NEWS AND COMMENT: We would all have thought that Greta Thunberg, the world’s most high-profile climate change activist, would support wind farms. They are unsightly but they are very environmentally friendly. They use nature to create energy although they kill birds and can disturb ground-living …

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Culture change in China desired as indicated by support of fan’s football pitch invasion

Security guards enjoying the moment

An 18-year-old football fan who idolises Lionel Messi, the world’s most famous and perhaps most talented footballer and an Argentinian team member, has captured the imagination of the Chinese public by bravely jumping down from the stands in a dangerous manoeuvre and running onto the …

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Pet goat seized by police under court order, barbecued and eaten (the story behind this)

Cedar and the 9-year-old girl EL

There is quite an involved but interesting story behind the headline but essentially, a nine-year-old girl (‘EL’) took her a goat called ‘Cedar’ to the Shasta County District Fair (‘Fair’) under what is called a 4-H program where children raise and then sell their animals …

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