Banning specific dog breeds or focusing on responsible dog ownership?

Pitbull dog

Nathan Winograd has been strongly arguing for some time now that it is immoral and ineffective to ban certain dog breeds and instead the focus should be on dog caregiving and ensuring that it is responsible so that individual dogs behave in an acceptable way. …

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Humans present in North America 37,000 years ago based on new mammoth evidence

Photographs of modified bones of adult Hartley mammoth.

Professor Timothy Rowe, a palaeontologist and his team at the University of Texas’s Jackson School of Geosciences, has suggested that humans were present in New Mexico, North America 37,000 years ago, which is far earlier than previously thought. He has made this assessment on the …

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China or America: poor parenting and poor pet ownership is the major cause of dog bites

Child and dog

A study conducted in China in 2016 looked at the risk of dog bites and cat scratches in two cities; one a medium-sized city, Shantou, and the other a large conurbation, Shenzhen. The general conclusion that I have to draw from the studies that children …

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