Shelter staff bragged about taking surrender fee and killing dogs

Stressed and anxious shelter dog

This is about the attitude of shelter staff and therefore, going one step back, it is about how shelter managers select and hire shelter staff which in turn depends on the quality of the manager. The “voice of America’s displaced pets and the conscience of …

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The catastrophe of irresponsible dog purchases during Covid and the consequences

Dogs 4 Rescue Manchester

I have just been listening to the Clive Bull’s radio show on LBC and he was speaking with Stan Rawlinson, one of the UK’s best-known dog behaviourists who painted a black picture of the current situation regarding dog ownership in the UK. He said that …

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Pen Farthing feeding stray dogs in Irpin, Ukraine during the war

Pen Farthing carrying dry dog food to stray dogs in Irpin, Ukraine during the war

Pen Farthing is now in Ukraine feeding the animals. There is no keeping him down. You may remember him as the man who founded and ran an animal rescue centre in Kabul, Afghanistan. He managed to evacuate around 200 of his rescued animals from Kabul …

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