Wildlife rehabilitators might only survive for about three or four years

Martin, the guy in the video, who has 50 years of rescuing animals and who is a specialist in rescuing and rehabilitating eagles says that wildlife rehabilitators normally only survive for about three or four years because of the emotional stresses that the task places upon them. He is an exception because, as mentioned, he’s been doing it for 50 years. He says that he relies upon his pet eagle to help ground him and to remind him that he cannot save them all. This is perhaps the trick to help you keep going in animal rescue and rehabilitation. You don’t try and save them all. You live day by day and moment by moment and do your best with what you’ve got. It is so easy to burn out emotionally and some animal rescuers commit suicide. The suicide rate in animal rescue in general is higher than in any other occupation in America. This beautiful Eagle was found beside the road. A deserted road in the middle of nowhere. Martin collected it up and feeling its chest noted that it was starving to death. He did his utmost to save the life of this beautiful bird. He worked throughout the night to achieve his goal. He failed. His wife said that Martin once said that sometimes they can be breathing but they are dead at the same time. What she means is that the bird had gone past the point where it can be saved even though it was alive and breathing at that moment. Note: Beyond my control, some video stop working. It’s happened? Sorry.

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