Stressed semi-nude parrot learns to trust someone

This is the story of a parrot who hated people. He plucked himself so much he became semi-nude. There are many reasons for over plucking and one of them is stress and boredom. In other words conditions due to an emotional state. In this instance it is presumed that this parrot was over plucking because of that. His behaviour suggested it because he was aggressive towards people. Although there are many reasons for “feather plucking disorder” which include, diseases, parasites, allergies, liver disease, skin infections, poisons, metabolic disorders, malnutrition, dryness of the skin, preservatives and dyes, disturbance in the normal light and dark cycles of the bird and a lack of natural sunlight.

The video suggest that birds can find chemistry in a relationship with other species. This is one of those big questions. However, my knowledge of the domestic cat indicates that they too have preferences with respect to friendships and therefore this magical formula described as the “right chemistry” applies to cats and it appears and parrots as well. Parrots are smart. I’m sure, in fact, that it applies to very many animals. And if it’s true then we might have to re-evaluate how we relate to non-human animals. They are more intelligent than we think and they do have emotions often at a greater depth than we think. And animals often form interspecies relationships one of which you can see in the video.

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