“Opposing dog meat consumption is hypocritical” – Weibo users discuss dog meat

Yulin cat and dog meat festival

In China an estimated 10 million to 20 million dogs are killed annually for the dog meat industry in the country. In the UK around 10 million pigs are killed annually for consumption. This statistic provides a comparison. Dogs in China can be considered to …

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Welsh farmer, Gareth Wyn Jones, received death threats for talking about a farming practice

Gareth Wyn Thomas

The Times reports today that a sheep farmer, Gareth Wyn Jones, received death threats when he posted a video showing how to skin a dead lamb to make a mother adopt an orphaned lamb. This is a traditional method. The video demonstrates how the skin …

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With the sound of artillery going off in the background this Ukraine soldier thinks of a dog and his daughter

Ukrainian soldier finds a dog and wants to see this dog again while he also thinks of his daughter

This Ukrainian soldier is videoing himself as he walks along. He describes his feelings for his daughter and a stray, gentle dog who wanted to be with him. I really hope that he managed to find this dog again. It seems farfetched to expect the …

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