Climate change deniers are still on TikTok despite promises to remove them

A moment ago, the BBC News announced on the television that there are still climate change deniers on TikTok despite the social media platform saying that they’d clean it up and delete all the climate denying videos. Admins said that under new community guidelines unveiled by TikTok last April, content that “undermines well-established scientific consensus” on climate change will not be allowed on the platform.

The scientific consensus is that global warming is genuine and is happening. Ordinary citizens across the planet have first-hand experience of it such as the Himalayan glaciers melting. This alone will be catastrophic to many millions of people reliant on water from them.

Truth is that it is impossible to moderate all freshly uploaded videos on TikTok. YouTube would confirm my assessment because as fast as a social media delete videos new ones are uploaded. You’ll need an army of moderators to pick and delete videos falling foul of TikTok’s policies and it is unviable to have an army of moderators for financial and practical reasons.

In fact, social media platforms rely on users to report policy violations which is weak. You can’t rely on volunteers to do this. They can contribute but no more. It is not enough.

Some climate denying videos are very subtle like the one below. It’s taken from some sort of US governmental inquiry in which the chairperson argues with John Kerry saying that climate change is not real.

And below is a well-known climate denier with an ego as big as Everest. And he is very rude to boot. He is as arrogant as hell. And frankly he lack the requisite knowledge to make a cogent argument. His arguments don’t hold water. His name is Dan Peña.

This video is embedded so it may disappear if TikTok stick to their promise to remove these videos.

His weak argument that global warming does not exist is that the banks in London are still offering loans! If there was global warming, he says the banks would not offer them. Does that make sense? The point he is missing is that the full effects of global warming to the point where it really bites and affects everyone including the viability and operation of the banks economically is a long way off. It may be 50 years off.

But we have to tackle the problem now because if we don’t global warming will be self-sustaining. We are approaching that point according to the science.

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