The real Beauty and the Beast – the ugly sport hunter

I have used the well-known title of a film to highlight the stark juxtaposition of this ugly sport hunter both in appearance and character against the beauty and innocence of the delicate and tiny antelope that he shot for his pleasure; a dik-dik. To me – and I detest sport hunters – it brings home the ugliness and darkness of the human character which enables humans to kill the beautiful wild animals of the planet without any regard for their sentience and therefore a total disregard for the pain and distress they cause in pursuit of their perverted pleasure which starts with ignorance.

The real Beauty and the Beast
Image: MikeB based on images on Twitter – posted by Christina, an animal advocate.

Sport hunting is wicked and evil. There is no other description. It is entirely human in its quality; crude and dark. A throwback to neanderthal humans. The man in the picture reminds of this early human; pretty ignorant. Yes, I am being rude about him as it is entirely justified and factually accurate.

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