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Boxing trainer’s willy lacerated by dog bite

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I’ll keep this short 🤢. Jake Paul’s boxing trainer BJ Flores was bitten by a dog on Saturday night. It is social media news because, unfortunately, the dog bit his willy causing “penile laceration” to use a technical term. How did it happen? No news on that. Flores saw the funny side of it although he said that he was terrified at the time. He had to go to hospital and he published the Dr.’s report on social media (Instagram). He has 41,000 followers on Instagram. He said: “Talk about terrified, I am fine thank God!”. He’s back home recovering. Jake Paul is a celebrity and a boxer. He has a high social media presence apparently. He is in the cruiserweight division. He is 25 years old as at the date of this post. SEE 2 PICS BELOW.

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