TikTok pets – the most popular pets on TikTok revealed

The allaboutcats.com website has an interesting page about successful TikTok pets who have become influencers and big earners. Although TikTok was launched quite recently in 2016 it has threatened the success of Facebook with their billions of views, users and uploads. YouTube has responded by creating YouTube Shorts which is their version of a TikTok video; a vertical, smartphone-produced, video. The whole process is managed in the phone and posted directly to the Internet.

The top TikTok pet influencer is a cat, specifically a Ragdoll cat (‘Puff’): ‘thatlitttlepuff’. To be more precise she is more than one cat but they come from the same family and they live in New York City with their TikTok video creator Lynch Zhang. What I mean is that Zhang has featured 2 of his cats in his TikTok videos. You can tell as they look different. And the icon picture of the channel is a different cat to the current starlet.

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The spreadsheet below provides you with a list of the 10 top TikTok earners and influencers as at the date of this post. Things will change as this is a fast moving sector.

The second most successful after thatlitttlepuff is Jiffpom, a dog. A very cute, it has to be said, Pomeranian. We are told that Jiffpom holds two Guinness World Records “for his speed and appearing on Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’ music videos’. Make what you will of that.

Jiffpom. Image: allaboutcats.com.

Jiffpom wears cute outfits. In Los Angeles, August 20 is Jiffpom day. He has 21 million followers. His estimated earnings per post, of which there are 1,118, is around $20,000. How do they make all that money? It has to be down to advertising in one shape or form. They promote products essentially and because they have so many millions of views and likes daily, they can sell lots of products. It is a form of advertising which has become very successful. The value of their influencing must be worked out very carefully by the product manufacturers.

And third in the list is a chipmunk under the banner “Chipmunks of TikTok”. They have 13 million followers. This is a TikTok channel about a chipmunk village in which there are 21 chipmunks. It features their interactions such as their attempt to stuff an incredible number of hazelnuts into their cheeks! There are 446 posts and their estimated earnings per post are around US$12,000.

Using a slightly different set of metrics, the pet with the highest TikTok engagement rate is a golden retriever called Tucker. Their TikTok channel is called ‘Tuckerbudzyn’. His engagement rate is 4.07% with 414,650 likes per video. The term “engagement rate” refers to the amount of interactions that viewers have with a particular video in terms of liking it for example.

Venus Two-Face Cat has an engagement rate of 3.25% with average likes per video of 74,655. Swaggy Wolfdog is third in terms of engagement with an engagement rate of 3.16% and average likes per video of 233,650.

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