Mr Bean accused of undermining EV market BUT he is correct in his criticisms

Rowan Atkinson has allegedly undermined the electric vehicle market with his criticisms but I would argue that he is correct

NEWS AND COMMENT: Rowan Atkinson is famous for playing the character he created, Mr Bean; the hapless and mute cartoon character who has entertained millions. But Ron Atkinson is a very smart guy with an Oxbridge degree in electrical engineering as I recall. And he …

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People living near new energy projects to be offered discounts of up to £10,000

Wind farm

NEWS AND COMMENT: In the UK, people living near energy projects such as wind farms will be offered discounts on electricity bills of up to £10,000 in order to make the project more acceptable to local residents and thereby prevent opposition. This is a measure …

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UK Competitions and Markets Authority review veterinary market over consolidation of the industry

The ONS in the UK say that veterinary service prices have increased by 12.5% in September 2023 compared to the same time last year.

Almost 66% of British households have a pet with the number having increased substantially during and since Covid. In parallel, the cost of owning a cat or dog or indeed a rabbit has been rising sharply. UK veterinary services are worth £2 billion. According to …

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Make thousands of pounds after training your dog to sniff out truffles

Dogs sniffing for truffles

In the UK (and elsewhere?) enterprises training dogs to sniff for truffles are booming. Yes, truffle hunting is a booming business. And what’s happening is this: businesses engaged in training dogs to sniff out truffles are oversubscribed as it has become very popular because the …

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The French bulldog money pit and dogflation

French bulldog is expensive to care for

French bulldog is a shocker The French bulldog can cost around £1,740 to insure in the UK because they are probably the unhealthiest dog breed. They suffer from 21 inherited diseases. Or perhaps it’s more than that but let’s just say that it is an …

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