Eulogy after the death aged 3 of the world’s tallest dog, Zeus, makes me sick

Zeus - world's tallest dog died at 3.

The blindness of humans to what they are doing knows no bounds. The delusional behavior of humans is extraordinary. Humans are so wrapped up in their self-indulgent activities that they just don’t see it or get it. I am referring to the recent death of …

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The French bulldog money pit and dogflation

French bulldog is expensive to care for

French bulldog is a shocker The French bulldog can cost around £1,740 to insure in the UK because they are probably the unhealthiest dog breed. They suffer from 21 inherited diseases. Or perhaps it’s more than that but let’s just say that it is an …

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More than 50% of Dobermans suffer from dilated cardiomyopathy

Ben the vet and the Dobermann of which if which more than 50% suffer from a serious heart disease

Ben the vet on TikTok tells us that during his work he saw a Doberman Pinscher drop dead in front of his eyes. He said that it is enough by itself to not adopt a Dobermann (an alternative spelling). He found it traumatic. To an …

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Crufts-winning breeder faces jail over dog attack

Margaret Peacock, 69.

NEWS AND OPINION: A Crufts-winning dog breeder faces a possible jail sentence after her Belgian Shepherd mauled a visitor to her home. The attack caused significant blood loss. Margaret Peacock, 69, is shown in the picture by Ben Mitchell arriving at Salisbury Crown Court where …

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21 genetic diseases inherited by the French bulldog. Are they always in pain?


Some people think that French bulldogs are always in pain. Some experts believe that there should be a ban on breeding French Bulldog and pugs in Australia because they say they live a life of pain. Many of them face breathing and walking problems. It …

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