She thought she could have her picture taken with a wild bear

The little Twitter video is instructional if you ever need to be instructed that it is probably foolhardy to try and get up close to a wild bear for that magical snap to adorn your Instagram account.

There have been some mad selfie moments over the past decade. You get macho blokes sitting close to tigers at private zoos for instance. The selfies are designed to impress. They have gone wrong! By which I mean the tiger become irritated. And there are those famous selfies where the person approaches the edge of a cliff to get that amazing picture only to fall over the edge to their death.

The woman in the video was not taking a selfie but her boyfriend was on top of the couple’s car about 5 yards away with his 35mm SLR camera and a zoom lens (this has to be a Canon SLR by the grey colour of the lens) intent on capturing a precious once in a lifetime moment. Until the bear become irritated and lunged towards her.

Silly really to think that one can position oneself so close to a large wild predator. Perhaps people forget that that this is reality and not a television show or something like that. Perhaps they’ve seen too many animated films with friendly, cute bears. Luckily the bear wasn’t that interested in pursuing her. Not bothered, I guess.

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