Huge display of ‘dead bears’ during King’s coronation 6th May 2023

Bearskin hats are the product of animal cruelty
Bearskin hats are the product of animal cruelty. Image: MikeB

This is the tweet accompanying the video below:

Did you know the King’s Guard’s caps are made from the fur of bears, slaughtered for fun by hunters in Canada? The Coronation procession [today 6th May 2023] will be the largest display of dead bears for a generation. Spot them on the heads of the King’s Guards.#coronation #coronation2023

Yes, I have a page on that topic (see link below for more on this). This is what I wrote:

Having looked it up on Wikipedia I note that since 1997 the Ministry of Defence have been trying to substitute genuine bearskin for something else which does not cause animal cruelty. That is 22 years ago and they’ve still failed to find a good substitute they say. I am astonished.

This British government is all words and no action. They’ve always been like that. Sloppy, slovenly and slow. Way too slow to achieve things. The UK has become lazy and soft. And this failure to do something easy to improve animal welfare is indicative of that assessment.

It is not hard to find an alternative. They’ll find a feeble excuse why they can’t accept an alternative but all it does it tell us they are not prepared to stop supporting the shooting of bears in Canada for these horrible hats.

Bearskin hats are still made out of genuine bearskin in 2019. Shame on the MoD.

Anti-meat protestors disrupt ceremonial troops wearing bearskins

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