How can the 10-day dog meat market in Yulin be called a FESTIVAL!?

Yulin cat and dog meat festival

Twitter tweet says: #Yulin 2023, 21st June to 30th June, 10 days where eating dogs becomes a ‘festival’. The dog meat trade occurs every day but during these dates torture and killing is celebrated by this ‘festival’. This tweet opened my eyes on the bizarre …

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Puppy as a prize put in a tiny cage so he can’t move (animals become ‘objects’)

Treating animals as inanimate objects by putting them in tiny cages where they can't move when they are prizes

Animals as prizes put in tiny cages so they can’t move (animals become ‘objects’). The Twitter tweet states: “May 1st, Kaifeng, Henan China Animals put in small cages as prizes. The little dog couldn’t stretch his limbs inside, and was trembling every time someone threw …

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Pet goat seized by police under court order, barbecued and eaten (the story behind this)

Cedar and the 9-year-old girl EL

There is quite an involved but interesting story behind the headline but essentially, a nine-year-old girl (‘EL’) took her a goat called ‘Cedar’ to the Shasta County District Fair (‘Fair’) under what is called a 4-H program where children raise and then sell their animals …

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If animals had a religion, humans would be the DEVIL!!!

Shackled primate in Asia

That is absolutely disgusting. I weep for that poor animal. – comment on Twitter. OMG – what sh*t. What horrors people get up to. I don’t want to sound racist. I want to be respectful of different cultures and races but this is obviously Asia …

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China has Sri Lanka in a debt stranglehold forcing them to export 100,000 macaque monkeys for lab testing

Toque macaque

NEWS AND COMMENT/OPINION: In my view, this is a terrible example of how humankind has totally screwed up its relationship with animals. In this instance two parties, Sri Lanka and China, are the miscreants. They are the bad boys. Sri Lanka has got into a …

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Spain allows people to have sex with animals provided it doesn’t cause injury

Spain has decriminalised bestiality. Yes or No? Yes!

I’ve not quite got to the bottom of the reasons behind this but the Spanish government has, it seems, quite recently decriminalised bestiality (sex with animals). You might say that they partially decriminalised it but I really think that you either allow it or you …

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Primate in Asia choked, beaten, and chained to perform stupid tricks for human entertainment

Abused every day to entertain people in Asia

Hardly any words to add to this. All I know is that it is in Asia. PETA got hold of the video. And it is like watching hell on earth and humans God bless them created it. What happened to the human race? It’s no …

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Baby goat petting sessions ‘goat yoga’ are an exploitation of animals

Baby goat cuddling aka goat yoga is animal exploitation

PETA have referred to goat petting as “goat yoga”. When they coined that phrase, they were referring to an Australian petting zoo which provided goat yoga sessions and which was facing 10 animal cruelty charges due to poor husbandry. The PETA report was published on …

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