Puppy as a prize put in a tiny cage so he can’t move (animals become ‘objects’)

Animals as prizes put in tiny cages so they can’t move (animals become ‘objects’). The Twitter tweet states: “May 1st, Kaifeng, Henan China Animals put in small cages as prizes. The little dog couldn’t stretch his limbs inside, and was trembling every time someone threw a circle.”

Treating animals as inanimate objects by putting them in tiny cages where they can't move when they are prizes
Treating animals as inanimate objects by putting them in tiny cages where they can’t move when they are prizes. Video screenshot.

Sorry but this disgusts me. A demonstration of a complete insensitivity to the sentience of these animals. I don’t expect that there is a Chinese word for ‘sentience’. How can there be when so many Chinese citizens fail to recognise its existence?

Look at the puppy! Shocking. Horrendous. I have not seen a clearer example of reducing animals to inanimate objects. If it interests you the contemporary Chines artist Ai Weiwei gives Westerners some insights into how some Chinese can treat animals like this. Please read what he says by clicking on this link.

He is a great man and he loves cats and finds them more interesting than humans. Hear Hear! I do too. I have learned to love animals more than humans. It has been forced upon me over my 74 years on this planet.

In China pets detract from a leader’s image. The opposite is true in America.

China has Sri Lanka in a debt stranglehold forcing them to export 100,000 macaque monkeys for lab testing

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