If you can’t watch it, you shouldn’t be eating it

Pigs wait in fear
Pigs wait in fear. Screenshot.

I have no idea what this video depicts because I refuse to watch it except that it features pigs which I will presume are treated cruelly by insensitive humans. I don’t eat pig flesh. The person who posted the video said: “If you can’t watch it, you shouldn’t be paying for it”. I have modified it to eating. Same difference. The amount of cruelty perpetrated on pigs is shocking. They make pets sometimes. They are smart and sentient. We shouldn’t be treating them like this. But people who eat pork would probably shy away from watching this video. Enough said. Two standards. Humans like to brush the grisly stuff under the carpet and carry on. Out of sight, out of mind is the guiding mantra of many.

Another study shows us that pigs are smart. Please respect them.

Whole ‘piggy’ for sale at Italian butchers makes us wince

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