Foxhunting teacher said that she had to chastise a pony by hitting him in the face

Woman foxhunter slaps horse in face and kicks it as it was uncooperative

This page has been updated as the jury’s verdict has come in: she has been acquitted. Her post-trial statement is on video at the base of the article. She said that the damage caused by a “trial by social media” is “irreversible” and that she …

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Berkley, MI, USA, city council voted 4-1 to outlaw retail sales of commercially-bred animals in pet stores

Rescue dog needing a home

Nathan Winograd reports to me that an important change to the city-wide laws are about to be made in Berkley, Michigan, USA which is that pet stores have been given two years to phase out the sale of commercially bred animals such as puppies and …

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Animal Rising plan to disrupt the Greyhound Derby final at Towcester Racecourse on July 1st

Greyhound racing

In a protest against the abuses suffered by racing greyhounds in the UK after they are no longer useful as racers, the animal rights group, Animal Rising, have announced on Twitter their plan to disrupt the Greyhound Derby final at Towcester Racecourse on July 1st, …

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Russia uses crude circus animal tricks to entertain emotionally bruised kids in occupied Ukraine

Beaver trained to do tricks in a Russian circus in Mariupol, occupied Ukraine

NEWS AND STRONG VIEWS – RUSSIAN INVASION OF UKRAINE: The Russians are at it again; demonstrating their crude and backward attitudes. It is a pretty backward and unsophisticated nation, isn’t it? The Kremlin being unsatisfied in bombing Ukrainian civilians to death in their many thousands, …

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This is how baby bears are trained for the circus

Young bears being trained for the circus in the most cruel way (China).

Well, depressing as it is, bears are still performing in some circuses. Many circuses have dispensed with animal performers because it has been banned and of course it is cruel as the training of these young bears shows. I sense that most of these objectionable …

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In 2023 animal abuse is being hidden from the world as videos and images are banned on the internet

Animal abuse needs to be aired and discussed not forced underground by internet hosting companies

In the modern woke, snowflake world animal abuse images and videos are being hidden away from Internet users. They can’t see them anymore. Internet users see a censored world. They don’t see reality but a sanitised version of it. Although Twitter seems to be quite …

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Puppy walks into nail bar in Nanchang. Man captures puppy in bag and violently throws bag to the floor

Nail bar puppy violently abused

NEWS AND VIEW: The tweet says: “On June 2, in Nanchang, Jiangxi, China, puppy followed a customer into a hairdressing salon (my comment: actually, looks like a nail salon). The male clerk used a bag and caught the dog and threw him to the ground. …

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