Berkley, MI, USA, city council voted 4-1 to outlaw retail sales of commercially-bred animals in pet stores

Rescue dog needing a home

Nathan Winograd reports to me that an important change to the city-wide laws are about to be made in Berkley, Michigan, USA which is that pet stores have been given two years to phase out the sale of commercially bred animals such as puppies and …

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30 per cent of British dog buyers don’t care if their dog was imported illegally

Cockapoos are popular during the pandemic lockdown

UNITED KINGDOM-NEWS AND COMMENT: A survey of 200 dog buyers carried out by the charity Dogs Trust informs us that, currently, almost one third of purchasers of companion dogs are not interested if the dog that they want to adopt has been illegally imported. They …

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Animals are not there to fulfil the dubious aesthetic demands of their owners

Julia Klockner

NEWS AND VIEWS: The wise words of the title are those of Julia Klöckner, the German government’s Agriculture Minister. I want to give this woman a kiss because (1) she is genuinely concerned about animal welfare and has the power to make some real changes …

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