In 2023 animal abuse is being hidden from the world as videos and images are banned on the internet

In the modern woke, snowflake world animal abuse images and videos are being hidden away from Internet users. They can’t see them anymore. Internet users see a censored world. They don’t see reality but a sanitised version of it. Although Twitter seems to be quite liberal in what can be uploaded perhaps because of Elon Musk.

I am not an advocate of showing animal abuse videos or still images. In fact, I hate it. But sometimes you have to. If it is done with great caution and a clear warning provided and if it is a necessity in order to get the message across then animal abuse videos should be seen. Some hosting companies do this such as Facebook. This is the correct compromise and it complies with a constitutional right to freedom of speech.

Animal abuse needs to be aired and discussed not forced underground by internet hosting companies
Animal abuse needs to be aired and discussed not forced underground by internet hosting companies. Image: MikeB

Reality is often unacceptable on the internet

Animal abuse images hit home hard. PETA knows this. They educate people. Many of the videos and images on their site would be banned on some platforms. We need to educate people on animal welfare. But many businesses which host websites on their servers are refusing these days to host images and videos of animal abuse because the world has become woke which to me means overly sensitive to reality. Reality is no longer acceptable on most websites. It has to be fluffy and pink. Nothing else will do. An awful lot of young people get most of what they know about the world from the internet but it does not represent reality.

It does no good to hide away criminal behaviour against animals. If you push animal abuse underground it festers and grows without regulation and control. We no longer know how bad it is because it is hidden away.

It’s like trying to ban alcohol or drugs. Everyone knows about America’s prohibition era when alcohol was banned. It simply went underground. The issue of legalising drugs is a hot topic because at least then you can regulate the quality and help prevent deaths. When you criminalise drugs, the trade goes underground. I am not suggesting that drugs should be de-criminalised. I think drugtaking and dealing should be criminalised but I am making a point that if you hide away problems, they become bigger problems.

You need to put problems into the light of day. You need to air these problems. You need to see them and talk about them. Then they will gradually be resolved and the problems will go away. One of today’s great problems is animal abuse and animal cruelty. It is still rampant across the world.

But the Internet administrators such as Google and many other big website owners, who are in effect the Internet regulators, want to push the unpleasantness of animal abuse videos and images underground; to hide them from the sensitive eyes of the modern human.

Present reality and people learn

Take cigarette smoking. The UK government and others have decided that cigarette packets should show obscene pictures of cancer to deter smoking. They know that it works.

Changed world

About 10 years ago the world was an entirely different place. Images and videos that were allow then are positively disallowed now on hosting companies such as Google Blogger and WordPress hosting companies of which there are very many.

For me, this is a bad development. I hate animal abuse. I hate animal abuse videos. I can’t watch them. But they need to be discussed and aired. There is no other way to deal with them. Out of sight and out of mind does not work.


The average Internet user does not know how internet articles are being censored by the big hosting companies. A lot of what is written is being censored nowadays often indirectly through tough community guidelines. The hosting companies don’t think that the average person has a right to see animal abuse videos or images. They think they are too sensitive. The Internet is being policed by hosting companies as judge, jury and executioner.

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