Russia uses crude circus animal tricks to entertain emotionally bruised kids in occupied Ukraine

NEWS AND STRONG VIEWS – RUSSIAN INVASION OF UKRAINE: The Russians are at it again; demonstrating their crude and backward attitudes. It is a pretty backward and unsophisticated nation, isn’t it? The Kremlin being unsatisfied in bombing Ukrainian civilians to death in their many thousands, torturing, raping, pillaging and looting they are now trying to entertain the Russians who live in the east of Ukraine which is partly occupied by Russian forces with a crude circus which includes animal exploitation.

Beaver trained to do tricks in a Russian circus in Mariupol, occupied Ukraine
Beaver trained to do tricks in a Russian circus in Mariupol, occupied Ukraine. Screenshot.

All advanced nations have dispensed with animals in circuses as it is a thing of the past. It is animal exploitation and abuse. But this is of no concern to the Russian administrators in Mariupol because they live in the dark ages.

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They’ve included a bear dancing with a hoop. Do you know how they train bears to do that? Bloody cruel. Read about it by clicking this link if you can bear it (excuse the pun).

The Express online newspaper reports that the Kremlin has been branded grotesque for ‘killing Ukrainains by day and offering bizarre entertainment by night’. Judging by the sparse audience it is unpopular which I am pleased to see. Another Russian failure.

The circus also included beavers flying on a trapeze. It is reported that they urinated due to stress. People laughed. The Russian occupants proudly claim that they are ‘the only circus in the world to feature trained beavers’. Why be proud of that? It is something to be ashamed of. Proof that they are a backward race of people probably because they’ve be semi-isolated for so long.

The crude show is regarded as Russian propaganda to give the impression that all is normal. The audience included orphaned children. Sick. The Russians killed their mums and dads and now entertain them with abusive animal tricks. Double whammy Russian rubbish.

Their behavior is beyond the pale.

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