Foxhunting teacher said that she had to chastise a pony by hitting him in the face

Woman foxhunter slaps horse in face and kicks it as it was uncooperative

This page has been updated as the jury’s verdict has come in: she has been acquitted. Her post-trial statement is on video at the base of the article. She said that the damage caused by a “trial by social media” is “irreversible” and that she …

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Alleged sadistic dog abuser and ‘murderer’ sacked his attorney and perjured himself

Alleged dog killer in pre-trial court hearing denies killing the dog on purpose

Well, this is an interesting video as it shows an alleged dog abuser and killer in a pre-trial court hearing representing himself as he sacked his attorney. This gave him the opportunity to allegedly perjure himself. I use the word ‘allegedly’ and ‘alleged’ to protect …

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