Canadian police officer kills a deer with an axe in suburbia on video in plain sight

NEWS AND COMMENT: I am very critical of these police officers’ behavior and police behavior generally in this post.

This is sheer horror and the horror was committed by a police officer of the Ontario Provincial Police. A resident, Marcey Danae, saw the brutal killing and videoed it. This is the mentality of some police officers in Canada. They clearly have a terribly desensitized relationship with wildlife. They can’t see the deer as a sentient being if they are able to do this to the animal. How can they do it. It would be physically impossible for most people to do this.

It is gross and it must be a crime under Ontario’s animal welfare laws. Will they be prosecuted for this crime? Of course not. Stupid to ask. Theoretically police officers act under the law but in practice they are above it.

Or perhaps, in the police officer’s defense, he believed that the deer was injured and had to be put down immediately but if the deer was injured you don’t ‘euthanise’ the animal with a bloody axe. You take the deer to a vet for euthanasia via an animal welfare organisation empowered to do this kind of work.

Any way you look at it, it is animal cruelty and must be a crime. If you think I am incorrect please tell me in a comment quoting chapter and verse!

Personally, I have learned to hate the police in any country including where I live. Sorry but they just fail so often and in North America they have a tendency to shot entirely innocent dogs or arrest old woman doing TNR programs under which they treat feral cats with decency, or the police shoot escaped wild cats. This kind of thing.

North American police have a tendency towards unnecessary violence against animals. This must be a symptom of ignorance and desensitisation to the sentience of animals. What I mean is they don’t consider the pain they are causing which is in line with the mentality of sport hunters.

Where you have lots of guns and lots of sport hunting – and my guess is that these officers are sport hunters in their free time – you have the inhumane treatment of animals. Guaranteed.

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