Puppy walks into nail bar in Nanchang. Man captures puppy in bag and violently throws bag to the floor

NEWS AND VIEW: The tweet says: “On June 2, in Nanchang, Jiangxi, China, puppy followed a customer into a hairdressing salon (my comment: actually, looks like a nail salon). The male clerk used a bag and caught the dog and threw him to the ground. According to an insider, the puppy followed the customer into the store for less than a minute.”

Once again, I am flabbergasted and deeply upset by these dog cruelty events captured on video and uploaded to Twitter. There are many of them and occur in Asia, and often China.

I don’t a bias against China. I do have a bias against those who are cruel to animals. Their level of cruelty can only be due to acute ignorance and being indoctrinated into believing that dogs are vermin and worthless. It would have happened when they were kids and their parents drilled into them these damaging thoughts which inevitably leads to heinous animal cruelty. It is highly depressing.

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