Ukraine war: early stages show people walking dogs watching exploding missiles like firework displays

Mig 29 over Ukraine in early stages of the war

Watching BBC reporters in Ukraine reporting on the just-commenced war felt as if I was watching a reality television show. The presenters were on a roof and the sirens were blaring. There was the sound of explosions in the background. They put their flak jackets …

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Hundreds of dogs, mostly greyhounds, housed for the sole purpose of draining their blood

Greyhound blood donors

“If the governor signs it, a bill that has passed the California legislature will end businesses that “house hundreds of dogs, mostly greyhounds, for the sole purpose of draining their blood”. These are the words of Nathan Winograd in an email to me. I investigated …

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Awesome couple only adopt special needs rescue dogs (and lots of them)

Chris and Mariesa with their special needs dogs

Chris and Mariesa Hughes live with 19 dogs and all of them are special needs. They run a very interesting and loving charity. They take dogs from rescue centres that are medically challenged and find foster homes for them but they pay all the medical …

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Shelter dogs are generally still anxious after their first 12 days

Shelter dogs are normally restless and stressed for at least 12 days from entry at the shelter

A study from Utrecht University’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine researched the extent of anxiety among dogs who been rescued and placed in animal shelters. They used night cameras and a small activity tracker on the dogs’ collars and cortisol measurements in the urine both of …

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