Man carried his dog across parking lot because the asphalt was 100F

Man carries his dog over hot tarmac
Man carries his dog over hot tarmac. Screenshot

This is a snippet of American life in which a kindly gentleman decided to carry his large, white (glamorous) dog across the parking lot from one of the stores to his car because, we are told, the tarmac was 100°F. He was concerned about his dog’s paws being harmed. Apparently, you can put little dog boots on their paws but it takes a while for them to get used to it. Initially they are confused and they then settle down. It reminds me of the problems of getting domestic cats used to a harness. Initially harnesses tend to make cats go floppy which obviously means that they don’t walk as intended.

Anything which demonstrates a kindness towards animals pleases me and many others. It is a matter of thinking about others, being concern for others, being sensitive to the needs of others. It can apply to any sentient being; dogs, cats and other people. It requires an awareness and a sensitivity. It requires the person to be outward looking and aware. They need to be enlightened and thoughtful. A lack of education tends to make people act more instinctively because of ignorance which makes them less aware of what is going on around them. I’m not being critical of people who lack education. Often it isn’t their fault. But education is at the root of better animal welfare.

It is said that well-off people live 10 years longer than the less well off. The implication is that money brings longevity. It’s obviously a multi-faceted issue because money clearly means you can live better and therefore eat better and locate to superior areas where the air quality is cleaner and so. But also, people with money tend to be better educated and people who are better educated tend to look after themselves to a higher standard because they are more aware of health issues. They are more aware of how their body is feeling and functioning. They can then react to changes in the interests of their health and welfare. I have digressed but I needed to fill the page out! It’s called search engine optimisation in case you wondered.

My thanks to and user: u/Soulless_Songstress. She captured to video and clearly had recognised the hot temp of the asphalt.

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