Mini-dog jumps mini-obstacle and it’s philosophical

Life is full of obstacles
Life is full of obstacles

The video is amusingly called “Life Is Full of Obstacles”. You could write a book about the philosophical aspects of living based upon this video 🙂 . What I mean is how you deal with life’s obstacles and problems. It’s a massive subject and I think very philosophical. This little dog successfully negotiates a little obstacle instinctively. He decided that he couldn’t walk over that grill. I think that was quite intelligent. He assessed it visually and made a decision without trying it out. He simply jumped. Good one. A smart little dog faced with a mini-obstacle. Life can be full of large obstacles for people. In fact, every day brings obstacles or, to put it another way, problems. Every aspect of our lives can bring problems and every stage of our lives brings new problems too.

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People think that when they are young life is very difficult and that life will get better when they are old. It doesn’t. Every stage in life brings its own problems. And it’s how we deal with them which dictates how we live and how happy we are. It’s whether we get up and keep going or feel that we are victims. The victim culture is a very bad one because it is very negative. If you think you’re a victim of life’s vicissitudes you tend to be negative and depressed. You seek help from others. You don’t become self-reliant. You become passive and lose purpose and control over your life.

Far better to be purposeful and manage your life to avoid obstacles that can be avoided. As I said, the mini-dog jumping over a mini-obstacle is quite a philosophical topic. I’ve rabbited on for far too long.

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