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Is this how you see your dog?

Is this how you see your dog?

Dog owners are more likely to anthropomorphise their pets than cat owners according to a study as long ago as 1968. This is hardly surprising since dogs are pack animals and they look up...

Roman Abramovich and his corgi plus his rich pals who stopped off on the Isle of Arran having taken a launch from his superyacht the Eclipse

Roman Abramovich’s pet

NEWS AND COMMENT: For the record, Roman Abramovich has a pet corgi ostensibly worth around £950. The way that the Daily Mail report is written, it indicates that this is his sole companion animal....

Dog poop waster bin in a public place

Dog poop can damage ecosystems

Both in the USA (depending upon the state) and in the UK, it is mandatory to pick up your dog’s poop. In the USA it is known as the “pooper scooper law”. In most...