Dog bites are more common in the warmer weather

20 per cent increase in dog bites in UK over past 20 years

A study has found that dog bites are more common in warmer weather. This correlates with the fact that humans generally are more aggressive during warmer weather (more boozing?!). It also correlates with revolutions anecdotally appearing to happen more in the summer (good weather makes …

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7 ways that dogs interpret different forms of human petting

Why do dogs like their chests scratched?

Here are 7 suggestions on how dogs interpret different types of petting by their human caregiver which gives them pleasure for reasons sometimes unknown to the caregiver. Scratching a male dog’s chest between the forelegs is pleasing to him because it feels like he is …

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Cosy relationship with dogs results in increased dog bites

Dog bites on the increase in the UK because of too cosy a relationship between owner and animal

Although dogs are deeply entrenched in interactions with humans and have outstanding skills to understand human actions, gestures and emotions, it is argued, today, that too many people have forgotten that they are still animals and their cosy relationship with them can result in an …

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